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API 100

Aramo Professional Skin Scanner

Skin Analysis Device


API 100 For Your Business


Improve your skin game with our newly designed API model. This impressive wireless skin analyzer has a smooth and responsive software. API 100 is the most affordable model and also one of the most user friendly devices in our portfolio. You may install your own products or services to make a recommendation to your clients to boost your sales.

API 100 Skin Analysis Device is one of Aram Huvis top seller analyzers with great features such as live camera feed analysis, sending email to clients, product recommendation, integrated CRM and so on.

Skin analysis london


API 100 Skin Capabilities


Moisture / Sebum / Pore / Melanin / Acne / Wrinkle / Sensitivity

API Skin Scans

Advanced Magnification








Wi-Fi Video Streaming Solution


VGA (640×480) | 30 FPS Max, 2M (1600×1200) | 15 FPS Max

API Wifi Skin Analyzer


Advanced Features

Email Results

Before and After Comparison

CRM in Software

Note Taking Advantage

Most User Friendly Design


Solutionist Software


For Android, Mac OS, IOS and Windows

API Multi OS


Download the compatible software for your phone, tablet or PC

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