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We Build Brands and More

We are proud to say that we identify the needs of entrepreneurs, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skin care professionals, thanks to our clinical experience with over 30 years. In this way, we develop result-oriented products using the best active ingredients and natural plant extracts.

We have a sister company that has an R&D laboratory and a GMP certified cosmeceuticals factory in Izmir, Turkey. At our group company's facility, we carry out R&D and production activities of cosmeceutical products used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical skin professionals. On top of our professional lines, we have our high street cosmetic lines with lower costs to help to minimize signs of ageing, acne scars and sunspots.

As a professional skincare OEM supplier in manufacturing advanced formulations of facial skin care, we create the most cost-effective, high quality and powerful products for your brand. Take advantage of our unrivaled and high quality Private Label and OEM Manufacturing contract. Our GMP certified facilities are perfectly fit to create any number of new or revised product lines. 

We provide a full private label service to our clients from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, GCC countries and Turkey currently. We handle all customs clearance and shipping for our customers in the UK, so that they focus on marketing and sales of their products.

We have 4 different production theatres in our factory, plus we have in house tube printing facility. Therefore, our minimum order quantities could be really low for some SKUs, which causes the initial investment to be really cost effective, which leads our clients to not risk too much. 

We provide private label production for skincare products including the packaging design, formulation, production and even delivery to your door. 

Go to website for our Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer's website.

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