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Learn more about API 100 from Essi's Senior Therapist Nurdan

Hi everyone, Nurdan was so nice to write a short blog post about Aram Huvis API 100 skin analysis device as she has been using API 100 for over 2 years for all her clients. Enjoy your read!

Hello! I've been using API 100 for a long time and I am absolutely loving this skin analyzer. I have used 2 very well known skin analyzers before. Both of them were large machines and they were too complicated and the therapists were giving up using them at some point. That's actually one of the reasons I love about API 100, because it's really easy to use and clients understand its analysis results much better.

Secondly, API 100 is a small device, however it has lots of analysis feautres. It measures moisture level, detects the skin type and make analysis on conditions such as pore, melanin, acne, wrinkle and sensitivity. So, these measurements are all a therapist can ask.

One of my favorite features of Api 100 is the live camera feed, which I always move the camera on my clients' skin and tell them what is going on with their skin. This is absolutely a great feature that my clients also love.

In our clinic, we added recommended treatments to recommendation list, so this feature of API100 is also very good, where the skin analyzer also support our advise with its recommendation function.

We send emails to all our clients after their analysis. These reports include the captured analysis images and also graphs and some notes given by API 100. My clients absolutely love this and actually they share their analysis results with their friends and we have many new leads thanks to this feature.

There are more features of course but I've written the best features of API 100. I am very happy using API 100 and I recommend to everyone who is looking to have a portable skin analysis machine.

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