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Aram Huvis ASM 100 is a professional skin analysis device. It measures the level of moisture and analysis the skin conditions of sebum, pore, melanin, acne, wrinkle and sensitivity. 

Sheer perfection

Superior Image scanning and precise skin measurements.

ASM 100 Skin Scanner

  • Boost your sales with ASM 100 skin analyzer.

    Here is the ASM 100 skin scanner iwth the sleekest design of our range. This impressive  skin analyzer has a smooth and responsive software.

    ASM 100 is the newest model and also one of the most user friendly devices in our portfolio. You may install your own products or services to make a recommendation to your clients to boost your sales.

    ASM100 skin analyzer is a great product to boost your cosmetic sales as you can instantly show the skin condition to your client, where it becomes much more than talking.

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