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Full Facial Image Analysis or In Depth 30x Magnified Skin Analysis

We have many questions from beauticians, therapists, dermatologists about the difference between Aram Huvis Skin Analysis Systems and full facial image analysis systems such as Visia, Observ and hundreds of Chinese models.

There are many differences and similarities however, the main answer to this question is that Aram Huvis skin analysis devices are using a more in depth method thanks to 30 times magnified live imaging function. This leads practitioners to see the conditions, for instance hyperpigmentation, before it becomes a dark spot visible by naked eye. So, Aram Huvis users can show unseen risks of their clients' skin to their clients along with the visible ones. This lead Aram Huvis users to make a more in depth treatment plan or skincare routine to their clients.

Whereas the traditional full facial skin analysis systems take only an image of the full face and make the analysis using this image (or images with different light types for different analysis features).

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