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How pharmacies can boost sales with Aram Huvis Skin Scanners

Pharmacists rely heavily on quality of service and use of technology to help them compete with powerful chains. That’s why they need to invest in their services including skin scanning. Skin scanners has become one of the tools that is adding a value to individual pharmacies that has the aim to offer the best service to their customers.

Even large pharmacy chains such as Boots, which use our APM PRO 100 Skin Scanners in their stores, invest in skin scanning service to be able to offer better service.

The pharmacies that use API 100 and APM PRO 100 skin scanner are offering this service to keep their loyal customers with an additional service, plus their sales revenue increase a lot. The service consists of a consultation with a pharmacist, who will scan the customer’s skin using an API or APM PRO skin scanner, where the customer will be able to see the condition of the skin in a live camera feed, then the application will give recommended products at the end of the skin analysis. Furthermore, the pharmacist will be sending the analysis result to the customer by email. This service will lead the customer to buy their cosmeceuticals from this particular pharmacy because they’ll have a record on the skin scanner and they’ll be able to see their progress through skin scanner’s CRM. So the skin scanners are proved to be increasing the customer loyalty on top of increasing the cosmeceutical product sales.

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